Monday, April 1, 2013

Starting up again

Well we have been in Germany for two weeks now, and it is time to touch base with everyone. Things have been very busy with trying to find a house, find a car, get all our paperwork in order, as well as preaching the last two Sundays. With all the things happening at the same time, it can seem a little overwhelming, but God has been faithful, and we continue to trust in his guiding hand.

Our trip over was very nice. When we arrived at the airport in Denver we found out our flight through Iceland was delayed, so the airline booked us on a direct flight to Frankfurt. This flight would have been twice as expensive had we booked this route origianlly. God is good. After loading the kids (and all our carry-on stuff) onto the plane, we realized the blessing of a direct flight.

Some answers to prayers. We have found a house, and are working to finalize it this week. We were let down when we did not get the house we made an offer on originally, but God showed himself faithful. The house we will probably be moving into was the house Kristen liked back in November, but I dismissed it thinking it would be rented out before we got here. God is greater than the housing market! He kept the house open for us, and the owner was happy to rent it to us.

As soon as we get the first months payment to the owner, we can move ahead. This is a very important step for us because we will not be able to do anything else until we have an address. With this we can register with the city, get a bank account, find a car and get it registered, and apply for a work permit here in Germany. Many things are hinged on finding a residence, so we are hoping this gets resolved soon.

Yesterday I preached the easter service at our church, and administered the Lord's Supper. It had been a long time since the church had communion together. It was a very special time. I am not used to being called the Senior Pastor yet, but then again, I have only been here for two weeks. Despite everything else going on in our lives, God was gracious to give me the time I have needed to prepare my sermon. The Holy Spirit really ministered to my heart in preparing this last weeks sermon.

Please continue to pray for my family. Kristen has a lot on her plate when we get into our house. it is not the big stuff that can be overwhelming, but the little things we have to do. We have to buy light fixtures to put into the house, paint the walls, buy furniture (that means everything from Beds to tables, to desks, lamps etc). Thankfully we do not have to do this all in one day. If we can get our beds taken care of and I can put up some lights, we will be well off enough to begin to settle in. Some friends here in Cologne have already offered us a dining room table, and we have found some good deals on a website similar to Craigslist.

The kids are doing well. They are adjusting rather well. They spent the first week and a half with their cousins in Landstuhl (where Ben and Cat live) so that was a big blessing.

Well this is a long letter, and I will keep them shorter and specific from now on, but I thought I would start this off. We covet your prayers, and are excited to see how God is answering them. God is good.

In closing, I have to say that God is so good to us. I feel I am in the healthiest place we can be as a family. We are seeing God answer prayers, and yet we still have a lot of things left to work out. We see his provision and are left to trust him for the next step. This is a position in Christ I hope I always maintain.

hen we walk with the Lord, in the light of His word, what a glory he sheds on our way. While we do his good will, he abides with us still, and with all who will trust and obey."

Location:Cologne, Germany