Thursday, October 24, 2013


I have been less than faithful about taking pictures. Funny how I carry a camera around in my pocket 24/7 and yet I don't take any time to document things. Hopefully i will be able to post some pictures of the ministry soon. I just want to make sure I have permission to post pics of people in my church first. Until then, here are some pics of our last month or two.

What a blessing it was to see Chris, Heather, Collin, and Tiffany Rucinski Last month. They were a huge encouragement to us, and the girls received an extra blessing by being able to spend time with Tiffany.
We also celebrated Jesse and Kristen's Birthday in Sept/Oct. Jesse is now 2 yrs old, and Kristen...

Emma is adjusting to school and Maggie is making friends and learning the language as well in Kindergarten. They are in school from 8am to 3:30, so we are hoping they pick it up quickly.

Teddy is doing well. He is growing up and adjusting well. Of all the kids, teddy struggled the most with transition, but he has come along way and even has a couple good friends. God is good

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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

October Update

It is with great apology that I am so late in sending this it. It was my hope to have a video done, but I have decided not to wait for that. So, here is an overdue update letter.


It has been a great answer to prayer how we have so quickly adjusted to life here in Germany. The support of our church family here, as well as the prayers of all of our family and friends back in the states have really been a huge encouragement, and God is answering prayers. The girls are both in school now and slowly figuring it out. I heard them arguing last week in English and German. Although they do not use the right words, and for the most part make no sense when they talk, it is a good sign that they are starting to adjust more and adapt to their life on Germany. god is good.

Teddy and Jesse are still at home, but they love where they are and Teddy is making friends in the church. It has been great to see him open up more to so many people.

Kristen is finally finished setting up the house. No more paint, and no more trips to Ikea...ok so there will be more trips to Ikea, but no more paint.


The church, by God's grace has been growing consistently, and we have had a large group of people join the church in the last few weeks. Our small group ministry is really becoming a part of our identity and a few key leaders in those groups are really beginning to take ownership of this ministry, as well as seek out new ways to reach people outside the church. My hope is to have a teen life group begin after Christmas. Please continue to pray specifically about this.

Kristen started a ladies bible study, and it has really taken off. There are about 6 or 7 ladies that meet every week to study through 1 Peter. A couple of to ladies that come have not yet been redeemed, but we believe God is working on their hearts. It is, in our minds, a matter of when not if.

This last month we had 2 people come and share their testimonies to be baptized. It was a great worship service, and the Gospel was clearly shared with people who came to watch, but do not have a relationship with The Lord. We are praying as God brings in the people that baptismal services will become a regular thing.

I have been preaching through Ephesians since I began in March and God is really grounding the church with his word. As part of my sermon from Ephesians 4 this last week, I had me young lady from Cameroon share how God showed her through the scriptures how, because of his great love for her, could forgive her father for abandoning her as a child. It was very powerful, and spoke directly to the application I was making in the text. God, through his word, is changing people, and sanctifying them through the work of the Spirit.

I am convinced that God is preparing great things for this church here in Cologne. We need to pray that God will prepare our hearts for the Harvest, as well as the attack from the enemy. We are entering into Carnival days, when the people of the city take off the masks of decency and order to celebrate sin and the lust of the flesh. Cologne is in a great need of the Gospel, and we are praying that God would position our church in such a way to be a light house that shines int the darkness.

Finally, until I get a video done, I will continue to write on this blog. Many of you who read this have partnered with us with your prayer and support and it is very important that you are able to pray with knowledge.

Thank you,

David Martin
International Baptist Church Cologne