Thursday, October 24, 2013


I have been less than faithful about taking pictures. Funny how I carry a camera around in my pocket 24/7 and yet I don't take any time to document things. Hopefully i will be able to post some pictures of the ministry soon. I just want to make sure I have permission to post pics of people in my church first. Until then, here are some pics of our last month or two.

What a blessing it was to see Chris, Heather, Collin, and Tiffany Rucinski Last month. They were a huge encouragement to us, and the girls received an extra blessing by being able to spend time with Tiffany.
We also celebrated Jesse and Kristen's Birthday in Sept/Oct. Jesse is now 2 yrs old, and Kristen...

Emma is adjusting to school and Maggie is making friends and learning the language as well in Kindergarten. They are in school from 8am to 3:30, so we are hoping they pick it up quickly.

Teddy is doing well. He is growing up and adjusting well. Of all the kids, teddy struggled the most with transition, but he has come along way and even has a couple good friends. God is good

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