Monday, March 7, 2016

March 2016

Hello everyone!  I am trying to revive my blogger account in order to share prayer requests, photos and pictures with you all.  Please continue to pray for us.  Below are some photos of the LEAD team. This is a group of pastors from different IBC churches around the Northern Europe area who are coming together to plant internationals churches in strategic cities across Northern Europe.  Currently we are getting ready to start a church in east Berlin.  Also,,  there are some pictures taken from our worship night that was held at one of our members homes.  We invited some refugees that I had met this past year and were able to share Christ.  It was a great opportunity.  Also there is a picture of Bahadin, a brother from Syria who was baptized last February. To God be the glory!!
Norther Europe Church planting Team
Visiting area of new church plant in Berlin

Some of the people from IBC invited refugees to their home to share a meal and the love of Christ

Thankful for Bahadin (right) who was baptized this last Feb.
me, Nabil, Bahadin, and the translator at Bahadin's baptism

Teddy and Emma taking in the sun (whenever we get a chance)

Maggie, Teddy, and Jesse climbing the trees by our house

IBCC guys serving Jonny's landlord.  God is opening up opportunities for  the Gospel through service.

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PJ Martin said...

Thank you for the update...keep 'em coming so we know how to pray!